Special Attractions

A sight to behold – the most amazing beauty of nature – The white tiger. A progeny of Royal Bengal Tiger that has got the amazing white hue because of a gene mutation. It is not a different species but a genuine Indian Tiger.

White Tiger

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White Safari Package

We provide you the white safari package at the best rate and best price.In this package you can see both the white and the yellow tigers come from the same stock but with a hereditary chromosomal change.

Facts & Figures

Princess Vindhya has Reached her home Town Rewa on 09.11.2015.Here you can also see the other white tigers like the Raghu and Radha.Royal Bengal Tigers are also reached the zoo.

How to Reach

Rewa in M.P. is well connected by rail, road and air with several cities of India. AC buses are also available from the Bhopal and other cities.

White Tigress "Princess Vindhya"

The “Mohan White Tiger Safari” is main attraction of Zoological Park . The animal kept in safari is a White Tigress named “Vindhya”.

Mohan First White Tiger of the world

Mohan is the first white tiger found in the Mukundpur Rewa (M.P).The white tigers are more capable than the yellow tigers.