In the Zoological Park & Rescue Center at Mukundpur Mohan "The White Tiger Safari" is enjoyed by the tourists as it is the major tourists attraction of the place and also the first largest safari of White Tigers. The animal kept in safari is a White Tigress named “Vindhya”. Here suitable environment are provided to the animals as per their need:

White Tiger runs in a large area of 25 Ha. "Vindhya" the famous White Tigress run and swim here in a open and large area after 25 generation of Mohan, which was first white tiger.

"Vindhya" - the famous White Tigress experience the following natural habitat consists of:
Undulated topography of safari consists of forest of 0.60 density having teak and other trees.
Three waterbodies having self-sustainable aquatic-ecosystem by providing Producers, Consumers and Decomposers.

The cleanliness of White Tigers are done by:
Ammonia Free modern cubicles.
There are proper cleaning system first of all through the water taken in a septic tank than in Horizontal Constructed Wetland through Root Zone Treatment System.
Use of non-conventional energy like solar and wind, conventional electricity is standby source.