The Zoo


The world’s first White Tiger Safari would begin at Mukundpur near Rewa in Madhya Pradesh.It is a place where the first white tiger was spotted by Maharaja Martand Singh in 1951 from Sidhi forest areWithout destroying the natural animal enclosures to regional construction and infrastructure have been attempting to conform to the natural environment so that all structures visible.a . After the approval with the newest and latest technology a new zoo is build here which is the best zoo’s natural forests.The Central Zoo Authority proposed by the Committee of Experts of the zoo designing experiments.Various chiefs and the Ministers regularly visited the place in order to found the wildlife zoo bear’s den Mukundpur Reserve to establish suitable treatment center.

Zoo wildlife treatment center aimed at establishing co:-

Animal fascination for tourists and generate sympathy for the animal they generate better thinking.
Try to increase the fauna that live in the Vindhya and also maintain the geographical forest conservation and breeding center for the setting.
They provide the best housing facility and the health facilities to the orphans and sick animals.
Study and collect the data about the animal behavior,health and future in the interests of animals living in the zoo
Generate public awareness for the animals and the conservation of natural forests to try living animal.
Identify the nearby forests to identify the medical plants which helps to make the medicines.
Forests to meet the purposes described above,manage forests without any harm to the natural environment,healthy environment and aware people more about the animals.